Relief Plan for Myanmar Refugees

Support our brothers and sisters of Christ who are in desperate need.

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Timothy & Titus Program

The Timothy and Titus Program has officially begun in May 6, 2013. It comprises of the "S" group which consists of approximately 30 willing and eager Chinese students preparing for ministry in China.

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  • Grace Viloria

    I really believe that God's way is always the best way not our own way. My brothers and sisters whatever our struggles in life, just trust, believe, and surrender everything to Him. With all these changes in my life, I want to thank God for all that He has powerfully done in my life.

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  • Russel V. Viloria

    As time goes by, I noticed that I no longer have desires on worldly things. I continuously and slowly progressed as a child of GOD; I learn how to pray, to follow HIS will for me and not my own will and to stay away from the things that stumbles me from doing what GOD wants in my life. God delivered me from all the UNGODLY deeds in my life. And I want to thank HIM for all that HE has done in my life.

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